ChiRunHabX is a fitness course about integration and flow. It’s designed to train you in all planes of movement, which reduces injury, creates more energy efficiency, builds strength and promotes rhythm.

Running is primarily in the sagittal plane of movement. That’s moving forward and backward, and divides the body from left to right. The transverse plane divides the top from the bottom half of the body. The frontal plane of movement divides the front from the back of the body.

Running—on the treadmill or otherwise—typically occurs on the sagittal plane of movement. Runners tend to use their muscles the same way over and over again, and that results in overuse. This disrupts the Chi and energy flow.

RunHabX brings together several modalities: The inward focus of Tai Chi fused with running and speedball fitness. The introduction of fitness guru Joel Matalon’s “Animalogy” provides play with meaningful results and the ultimate sense of fluid movement.

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