Cassie Bollinger
Certified Yoga Instructor

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Cassie Bollinger completed her Unified Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Immersion with Jagadisha Peter Petrovic and Rebecca Frezza, and her Yin Yoga Training Immersion with Jacquie Ruderman. Important yoga mentors in her growth as a yoga teacher include Grace Pizzaro, Beth Smith, Dante Sterling, Tabitha Rodriguez, Katie Niewodowski, Halley Mechanic, and John Atura. A trained ballet dancer, Cassie has practiced many types of yoga for the past 20 years, Hot 26X2 and Yin for the last 7 years. She finds the moving meditation of a Hot 26X2 (Bikram) practice powerful, invigorating, and life changing.

Cassie is a freelance writer and copyeditor, who has lived with her husband and four kids in Montclair since 1996, with a brief two-year relocation to the South Bay area in CA (where she continued to practice yoga and meditation in Los Gatos and San Jose) from 2011 to 2013. When not yoga-ing, Cassie can be seen walking her dogs around town – just another satisfying meditative practice off the mat.

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