Joel Matalon
Certified Fitness Instructor

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Joel Matalon is all about transformation. A fitness trainer since 1989, he is committed to creating transformation from the outside in through his Chi Fitness offerings. As a life coach, he is committed to creating transformation from the inside out. It’s this unique melding of talent and skills that has Joel stand out in his field. He uses highly communicative, person-to-person methodology to help clients reach their maximum performance. His clients include celebrities, executives, elite athletes, children, teens, stay-at-home moms, couples and busy individuals.

Joel is founder of Joe Fitness World Inc. He is the creator of RunHabX™{aka Run-habilitation}, a Master Chi Running™, Chi Walking™ Instructor, Certifying Master, and is the Director of Continuing Education at ChiLiving, Inc. He’s an ACE life and health coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. He’s also an ISSA Youth Fitness coach, Spartan Race™ coach and Speedball Fitness™ coach.

Joel is an Ironman™ triathlete, marathoner, Obstacle Course Racer and rehab specialist. He is certified in:

• Chi Running™ and Chi Walking™
• Speedball Fitness™ [accelerated T’ai Chi]
• SPARTAN™ Obstacle Course Racing Coach
• TRX™ Training & Anchor Point Training
• Rad Roller ™Therapy (Self myofascial Release)
• Pilates Mat
• Assisted Stretching
• BodyART™ fitness
• Fitness Yoga

Master ChiRunning Instructor

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