Grace Pizarro
Certified Yoga Instructor + Licensed Massage Therapist

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Mary Grace Pizarro, is an owner and premier instructor at Juniper Yoga + Fitness. She is also an extremely gifted massage therapist. If you are fortunate enough to experience one of her sessions – she will jump in with both feet – poking – prodding – kneading – touching – sensing – but most of all finding. Just when you are about to let her know where to focus her attention – she’s already there working on it – considered the options and starting to plan her strategy. That’s when you’ll know this is not just a back rub.
Grace has committed herself to inspiring others. She is focused on improving herself as a person and professional – therefore giving you the best possible experience.
She was born in the Philippines – moved to New Jersey when she was 13 and later attended a local University – majoring in health and fitness.
She began her career as a personal trainer. After several years found her true calling was in the healing arts with a unique mix of the mind, body and soul.
Grace is extremely skilled and formally trained in Shiatsu – Swedish – Thai – hot stone and energy healing. She is licensed graduate of The North Jersey Massage School – located in Parsippany, NJ. She is also a graduate of The Garden State Yoga School with 200 hour RYT vinyasa.
More fun things to know about Grace:
She is an avid runner – Pushing herself hard for the past 10 years, she participates in The NYC Marathon, The Disney Marathon and some local half marathons.

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