Tiffany Malloy
Certified Yoga Instructor

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My yoga practice began over 14 years ago while living in New York. I started with a variety of styles in several locations and online. I didn’t realize how easy it would be for me to fall in love with the practice. Immediately, I wanted to become a teacher to give to others a way to nurture their mental and emotional well-being because it has had such a positive impact on mine. 
Yoga is a way for me to find balance in my life. As a worrier prone to experiencing anxiety, yoga as a moving meditation is a way for me to listen and respond to my emotions and what my body needs. I leverage the practice as a way to strengthen my body, gain focus, and clear mental and emotional space. In fact, I credit my yoga and mindful meditation practices, which I learned from taking a mindfulness-based stress reduction course, for my rapid recovery from a major surgery in 2016. 
After getting married and moving to New Jersey, I sought out and completed my 200-hour yoga certification in 2019 at South Mountain Yoga in South Orange, New Jersey. I approach teaching the same way I approach my practice: connecting the physical body to the mind, spirit and emotions on the mat in order to live and breathe more mindfully off the mat.
Personally, I enjoy bingeing shows that make me laugh because I LOVE to laugh and collecting Black Heritage stamps.
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