Veronica Bacica
Certified Yoga Instructor

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My name is Veronica Bacica, and I am originally from Texas having just moved to New Jersey with my husband in 2021. When I am not teaching or practicing, I work in a corporate setting. I took my first bikram / 26&2 class in 2005 in Dallas, TX.

I decided to become a yoga teacher because I wanted to give back to this practice that has provided a path for me to attain a healthier body, mind, and spirit. This practice and the lessons learned have helped me navigate life’s highs and lows. To be able to help others that are going through a similar journey is an honor. I want to show and share with others how the beauty of this practice not only benefits your body, but also your mind and soul.

I love the mind-body-spirit connection that forms and continues to build with each class you take. It’s like magic when everything comes together, and you can just “be and feel”. 17 years ago, when I took my first class, I could not even imagine I would have continued with this practice especially since at that time everything ached. The discipline, confidence, self-awareness, and compassion developed toward yourself, and others are my favorite by-products as a result. Nailing standing head to knee while often gratifying is secondary.

I became certified in February of 2021 through the Original Hot Yoga Academy led by Ida and Aaron Ripley. Outside of yoga, I enjoy walking, running, and exploring our new home state of New Jersey with my husband, Stephen. I still have visions of me being the next Taylor Swift or Beyonce and practice as if that’s going to happen. Though those around me would probably want me to give up on that idea.  🙂

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