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Renew: Resume after an interruption. Re-establish.

Whether you are looking to resume your yoga or fitness practice, re-establish your routine or challenge your comfort zone with something new, Juniper Yoga + Fitness offers yoga and fitness classes that are here to guide you in a place of gradual progress. Beginners are always encouraged and welcome.

Bikram Yoga

75 or 90 minutes

Bikram Yoga is a beginner series Hatha Yoga taught in a heated room with about 105 degrees and 40% humidity. The class is either 90 minutes or 75 minutes. Bikram Yoga is designed to take you through 26 yoga postures that work every muscle, tendon, ligament and joint in the body. All levels are welcome!


Inferno Hot Pilates

60 minutes

Inferno Hot Pilates is a fun, challenging, full body, low impact workout! High intensity interval training with low impact moves using Pilates principles. All moves done on a yoga mat in a heated room (95 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity) to energetic music! Inferno Hot Pilates is an amazing workout that tightens muscles, works your heart, protects your joints and creates long lean muscles at the same time. The results are a stronger core, long lean muscles, and increased fitness levels. Both men and women love this workout!


Gentle Yoga

75 minutes

Gentle Yoga is a balanced class of traditional yoga asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Yoga techniques will be practiced to develop mental focus, release stress, and improve balance. This class develops awareness and positivity in life.

All levels welcome!


Barre Interval

60 minutes

Barre Interval is a blend of a barre workout and interval training. This fast paced and upbeat class has an aerobic undertone while working specific muscle groups with high repetition movement to create lean muscle definition. Muscles targeted like never before, with a focus on legs, glutes, and abs. This workout will build full body strength and stability with each exercise!


Mat Pilates 80 °

60 minutes

Mat Pilates 80 Degrees focuses on developing core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. The instructor presents the exercises at multiple levels which allows students to choose to work at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Students learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core.

Done in a warm studio heated at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat helps warms your muscles allowing you to work deeper and safer.

Various props (bands, rings, and balls) are incorporated to enhance and intensify the workout. No previous Pilates experience necessary to join the class.


Vinyasa 80 °

75 minutes

Vinyasa 80 degrees is rooted in Ashtanga, expect classic sun salutations and breath-linked movement in this vinyasa class. It will improve your flexibility, develop your balance and increase your strength. Safe modifications and adjustments will be offered to personalize the practice, but be prepared to sweat.

All levels welcome!

Walk, Run, at your own pace!

Find your ease! Gradually progress to your peak performance!


Run Cardio Fitness Classes

Run: Move at a faster speed, with feet off the ground.


Cardio Pilates

60 minutes. Bring your sneakers for this workout.

Cardio Pilates starts with 25-30 minutes of walking or jogging with varying speeds and inclines on the treadmill. Then, you’ll get on the mat for 30-35 minutes of Pilates exercises working on posture, strength and flexibility. This class strongly focuses on the core using props such as balls, bands and magic circles. You will leave this class feeling good, standing taller and more energized!



60 minutes. Bring your sneakers for this workout.

ChiRunHabX brings together several modalities: The inward focus of Tai Chi fused with running and speedball fitness. Running is primarily moving forward and backward, and divides the body from left to right. Runners tend to use their muscles the same way over and over again, and that results in overuse. This disrupts the Chi and energy flow ChiRunHabX is a fitness course that brings integration and flow to your running. It’s designed to train you in all planes of movement, which reduces injury, creates more energy efficiency, builds strength and promotes rhythm.

ChiRunHabx 1

Cardio Interval

45 minutes, Bring your sneakers for this workout.

Cardio Interval is a fun and challenging class using different levels of intensity on the treadmill, along with body weight and core exercises, weighted bars and resistance bands to maximize your calorie burn, strength and cardiovascular endurance.


Gradual Progression

45 minutes. Bring your sneakers for this workout.

Gradual Progression is a great way to get started on a fitness program! This class allows your body to gradually work at its own pace and progresses you into having more regular weekly workouts. Walking segments and optional running segments are relatively short and slowly build your cardio-aerobic conditioning with leaving you exhausted.